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WPF Development Tools

Microsoft provides two development tools for WPF applications. One is Visual Studio, made for developers and the other is Expression Blend made for designers. While Visual Studio is good in code and XAML editing, it has a rare support for all the graphical stuff like gradients, template editing, animation, etc. This is the point where Expression Blend comes in. Blend covers the graphical part very well but it has (still) rare support for code and XAML editing.

So the conclusion is that you will need both of them.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio is the tool for developers to develop WPF applications. It includes a graphical designer for WPF since version 2008. If you're using Visual Studio 2005 you can install an add-on that enables you to develop WPF applications.

Microsoft provides a free Express Edition of Visual Studio that also includes the WPF designer. You can download it from the following URL

Download Microsoft Visual C# 2010 - Express Edition

Microsoft Expression Blend 3 + Sketch Flow

Expression Blend is the tool for designers. It's part of the Expression Studio, a new tool suite from Microsoft especially created for user experience designers. Blend covers all the missing features of the Visual Studio designer like styling, templating, animations, 3D graphics, resources and gradients.

In the latest Version it also includes a powerful prototyping tool called SketchFlow. Expression Blend can open solution files created by visual studio.

Download Microsoft Expression Blend 3

Other useful tools

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Commented on 4.June 2011
Tank you!
Commented on 13.June 2011
Wow nice! I want to learn wpf.
Commented on 15.June 2011
its nice information its very very easy to understand that you presented

sooooooo thank full to you
Commented on 16.June 2011
Very Nice Articles for beginners
Commented on 16.June 2011
good one...
Jamil Akhtar
Commented on 23.June 2011
Very good website for giving initial and advance knowledge of WPF and how to implement in any Application.
Commented on 24.June 2011
Really nice info,
why dont you add next page/previous page button.
Commented on 3.July 2011
Coole Website:
Werde jetzt mal den Inhalt checken.
Für Studierende oder Recherchierend wären "Next" und "Previous"-Buttons 'ne coole Sache.
Commented on 9.July 2011
thanks a lot
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Commented on 12.July 2011
good one...
Commented on 14.July 2011
User-friendly and interesting site indeed! ZELJKO legendo
Commented on 17.July 2011
Nice work. I want more :-)
Commented on 20.July 2011
thanks..i m trying to learn WPF and this is so helpfull
Commented on 20.July 2011
it is realy good
Commented on 21.July 2011
Hi moser, your site looks awesome.Iam new to the wpf ..i have one query in my mind can we develop both offline and web application by using wpf???
Commented on 28.July 2011
Indeed a Good Site To Start Off With WPF..Thanks :)
Neelam Sharma
Commented on 1.August 2011
Great Job!!! Kindly post some tutorials for learning .net framework 3.5
Commented on 7.August 2011
Looking forward to it. Thanks for putting this together!
Commented on 5.September 2011
Nice Tutorial...Thank you..
Commented on 13.September 2011
Nice Article.Easy to understand...
Mai Vĩnh Sang
Commented on 14.September 2011
Thanks! I'll enjoy!
Commented on 16.September 2011
Good article for beginners.
Thank you:)
Commented on 16.September 2011
thank you ,it is good for beginners,it makes me to complete the following
Commented on 22.September 2011
Awesome tutorial

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