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XAML Converters

The following list shows converters developed by the WPF community to convert different formats to XAML or vice versa.

Last modified: 2009-02-28 22:19:15
Copyright (c) by Christian Moser, 2011.

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Commented on 25.July 2009
Photoshop link is no longer valid. Would be great if anyone knew of one to post it.
Christian Moser
Commented on 27.July 2009
Hi Austin,
you can use Expression Blend 3 to convert Photoshop Files into XAML. You can download a 60 days trial version from here:
Commented on 30.October 2009
There is a tool that converts Adobe Flash/SWF files to Silverlight/XAML - SilverX ( Maybe this link can be useful too..
shuchita saxena
Commented on 14.June 2010
i want to convert my wpf application to
kindly help me.
Mike Strobel
Commented on 11.July 2010

WPF and ASP.NET are fundamentally different platforms. One runs on the client, one runs on the server. One is stateful, the other is stateless. I would definitely not recommend trying to "port" a WPF application to ASP.NET. The opportunities for code reuse at the UX level are virtually nonexistent. If you do not require the application to run on a server, but merely in a browser, you may want to consider porting the application to Silverlight instead. The conversion may still be a long process, but it would be somewhat less painful, and probably easier than rewriting the application from scratch for ASP.NET.

Commented on 23.July 2010
Please post a link to a XAML to SVG converter.
Robert Smith
Commented on 31.July 2010
I am writing a document in MS Word 2007 and using Expression Blend and Design to do the graphics. Is there a "XAML to WordML" converter available? Or do you have any other suggestions?

R. Smith
Columbia, MD.
Commented on 3.August 2010
Hi, Good Information
Commented on 19.April 2011
i have a help document of my software in word2007 which contains tables, images , words and some symbols included. Now need a convertor to convert to xbap application help me to find it.

Itai Bar-Haim
Commented on 19.June 2011
I wrote the Google Sketchup Xaml Exporter - an addin for Google Sketchup (Rubi script, actually) that exports scenes to Xaml.

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