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Books about WPF

Windows Presentation Foundation 4.5 Cookbook

The book contains over 80 recipes to effectively and efficiently develop rich Windows client applications on the Windows platform. It is full of illustrations, diagrams, and tips with clear step-by-step instructions and real world examples to gain a strong foundation of WPF features and patterns. It shows how to leverage the MVVM pattern to build decoupled, maintainable apps.

Autor: Pavel Yosifovich
ISBN: 978-1849686228
Published: Sept 2012
Find it at Packt publishing

WPF 4 - Unleashed

In my opinion one of the best books about WPF - now updated to version 4.0. It's printed fully in color, so all code samples have syntax highlighting. It includes all the good explanations and samples of version 3 including new chapters about multitouch, XAML 2009, VSM, improved text rendering, windows 7 shell integration and more.

Autor: Adam Nathan
ISBN: 978-0672331190
Published: June 2010
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WPF Control Development Unleashed

In this book, two leading Windows Presentation Foundation experts give developers everything they need to build next-generation WPF applications--software that is more robust, usable, and compelling. Drawing on their close ties with Microsoft's WPF development team, Pavan Podila and Kevin Hoffman give you a clear, robust, and practical understanding of WPF, its underpinnings, its overall architecture, and its design philosophy.

Autor: Pavan Podila, Kevin Hoffman
ISBN: 978-0672330339
Published: September 2009
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Windows Presentation Foundation - Unleashed     (My favorite!)

In my opinion one of the best book about WPF. It covers all important themes including 3D programming. All code samples have syntax highlighting. Digging deeper sections with additional informations for advanced programmers.

Autor: Adam Nathan
ISBN: 978-0672328916
Published: January 2007
Find it at Amazon

Application = Code + Markup

"Get the definitive guide to the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), the new client programming interface for the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 and Windows Vista. Award-winning author Charles Petzold teaches you how to combine C# code and the Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) to develop applications for the WPF.". I cannot unterstand how anyone can write a book about a UI technology without a single illustration. If you prefer gray text to colorful images, it might be the book for you.

Autor: Charles Petzold
ISBN: 978-0735619579
Published: August 2006

Essential Windows Presentation Foundation

Chris Anderson was one of the chief architects of the next-generation GUI stack, the Windows Presentation Framework (WPF), which is the subject of this book. Chris's insights shine a light from the internals of WPF to those standing at the entrance, guiding you through the concepts that form the foundation of his creation.

Autor: Chris Anderson
ISBN: 978-0321374479
Published: April 2007

Foundations of WPF: An Introduction to Windows Presentation Foundation

Foundations of WPF: An Introduction to Windows Presentation Foundation teaches you everything you need to get started with the technology, and is broken into three parts. The first introduces and contextualizes the WPF technology; the second part dives deeper into the facets of the technology that are of immediate and valuable use in developing applications; the last part offers you the real-world perspective you need to be productive in the community and customer base.

Autor: Laurence Moroney
ISBN: 978-1590597606
Published: November 2006

Pro WPF in C# 2008

This book explains how WPF works from the ground up. It follows on from the author s previous and highly successful books, covering Windows Forms (WPF's predecessor technology) and earlier versions of WPF. It is a one-stop shop in Apress proven Pro style that leaves readers with a deep understanding of the technology and able to take the concepts away and apply them for themselves.

Autor: Matthew McDonald
ISBN: 978-1590599556
Published: Februar 2008

Foundations of WPF: An Introduction to Windows Presentation Foundation

If you want to build applications that take full advantage of Windows Vista's new user interface capabilities, you need to learn Microsoft's Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). This new edition, fully updated for the official release of .NET 3.0, is designed to get you up to speed on this technology quickly.

Autor: Chris Sells and Ian Griffiths
ISBN: 978-0596510374
Published: September 2007

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Commented on 14.September 2010
i like ur tutorials.pls provide and free pdf books
Commented on 14.September 2010
i like ur tutorials.pls provide and free pdf books
Commented on 29.September 2010
Commented on 14.October 2010
can any one send above mentioned books links plzzz
sirisha Gundala
Commented on 1.November 2010
Hi could any one send me the free ebooks which can be downloaded
Commented on 13.November 2010
Hey sajan, varsha and sirisha..!! Download the books free of costs..!!
Commented on 16.November 2010
Can some one let me know, where i can found the freeversion of above books.. thanks
Commented on 21.December 2010
Hi.. i need calculator program in c# .net wpf, with oops concepts.. i.e with class methods operator overloading...pls help me and drop ur mail to:
jehanzeb afridi
Commented on 22.December 2010
Hi everyone....
Nice article..
You can download many of those mentioned books from
Jehanzeb afridi
Commented on 29.December 2010
Wow !!!
Commented on 7.January 2011
er.... all those people asking for free versions of the books. The authors didn't write them for free you know!
Commented on 22.January 2011
Try in torrents..
Commented on 28.January 2011
you are the best moser
Commented on 28.January 2011
This is Excellent.....
I want a link from which I can download a free book....
Commented on 30.January 2011
Good work. How about a -next page - so I don't have to keep going back to the menu to proceed
Commented on 31.January 2011 (Windows.Presentation.Foundation.Unleashed)
Not Bad
Commented on 4.February 2011
wow,thx Bad :)
Commented on 23.March 2011
really !Very nice tutorial
Commented on 30.March 2011
good material thanks <a href=" ">loli bbs board </a> =-PPP
Commented on 26.April 2011
you can download from google. just type the title of book and &pdf in keyword search
Commented on 10.May 2011
Do you know some books for C# or VB .NET ... but I mean good books like WPF 4 - Unleashed? And what about ASP .NET? The internet is full of them but I want something really good and updated :D
Commented on 29.June 2011
I want to know more in depth about WPF like how itemscontrol,datatemplet,trigger,Icommand,routed event work in WPF...any book or blog,video,,please suggest
Commented on 20.August 2011
Pls send me everything for free. I hope to develop software and sell it to get rich. Sure hope nobody downloads my software 4 free!
Commented on 22.August 2011
Commented on 23.August 2011
I started with Wrox, it is not really good no really action. Like the tutorial all ready :)

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