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Minimal Hardware and Software Requirements for WPF

Software Requirements

To run WPF on your machine you need to have at least the following software installed:

  • Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or higher
  • .NET Framework 3.0 or higher

Hardware requirements

There are no minimum hardware requirements for WPF. All the requirements comes from the complexity and effects used in your application.

You can take advantage of hardware acceleration when your graphics processor supports DirectX 9 or higher. I would recommend to look for a graphicadapter for which the vendor supports a WDDM driver.

Please note that some effects cannot be done in hardware rendering under Windows XP. For exmaple Windows with AllowsTransparency set to True and the use of BitmapEffects.

How to specify minimal hardware requirements

A simple way to specify minimal hardware requirements to ensure that your client has a good experience is the Premium Ready label from Microsoft. It ensures that the machine has at least the following equipment:

  • > 800MHz Prozessor
  • 512 MBytes RAM
  • A DirectX 9 capable graphics adapter

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Commented on 28.April 2010
itz fabricated
Commented on 8.July 2010
you can't do anything with 800 MHz, 512 RAM....
Thats no way
Commented on 11.July 2010
actually you'd be surprised what you can do. in fact you'd be surprised what your grandmother could do. people who aren't playing games and compiling 100K+ codebases tend to do fine with systems like these. then again, i've known people to upgrade b/c they needed more memory in order for flash plugins not to bog down, allowing them to play farmville and have 3 youtube pages open... :)
Commented on 5.August 2010
i think christian has mentioned such low requirements only for beginners who wsih to learn the technology basics but not for real time implementations
Commented on 11.August 2010
Commented on 23.August 2010
I apprieciate your feedback but I cant explain it anymore in depth because I just copy and pasted this from another website
Commented on 10.March 2011
eeekkk, you really should reference any websites you copy from. Thats someones elses knowledge
Commented on 5.May 2011
Christian Why yu haven't put your picture
Commented on 6.May 2011
Shane this is not some kind of knowledge. .
These are requirement recommended by seller.
Lahiru Jayalath
Commented on 9.May 2011
The minimal hardware requirements for wpf application depends on the Media effects & codings .The application should test with the deployed environment
Commented on 26.May 2011
nice article but mention the requirement for a more robust graphics and animations too....
Commented on 16.June 2011
Shane: also it's obvious that's some troll posting in the comment section.

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