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WPF Performance Optimization

Top 11 WPF Performance Tips

Last modified: 2010-05-10 22:24:44
Copyright (c) by Christian Moser, 2011.

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Commented on 24.April 2009
I like the suggestions. However, there are a few spelling mistakes.

Theo Zographos
Commented on 19.May 2009
Nice tips. It would be helpful if you mentioned some tips regarding the use of Visuals instead of controls/elements higher in the hierarchy.
Commented on 12.August 2009
What about migrating our client applications developed on C#, using System.Data.SqlClient accessing ot Sql Server 2005 databases? Shall we start now?
Commented on 29.January 2010
I don't understand what you mean by "cached resource dictionaries" can you please provide a small example?
Commented on 6.May 2010
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