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Learn WPF in one Week

I started to build a one week training course to learn WPF. Starting with the basics and going through the important concepts of the framework up to more complex topics. I hope you like it.

Day 1 - Getting started

Day 2 - Concepts of WPF

Day 3 - Layout and Controls

Day 4 - DataBinding and UI Architecture

Day 5 - Templates and Styles

Some of the articles are not yet finished. The content for the subsequent days will follow soon... :-)

Last modified: 2010-12-12 13:33:36
Copyright (c) by Christian Moser, 2011.

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Commented on 30.May 2011
so where are the last 9 days?
Commented on 2.June 2011
its a very good material .............give me examples also
Commented on 2.June 2011
very good Stuff.
Thank U :)
Commented on 7.June 2011
Just to let you know that even when the title says learn in one week the link at the menu says learn in two weeks.
Commented on 10.June 2011
Last modified: 2010-01-05 12:01:58
Commented on 10.June 2011
Last modified: 2010-01-05 12:01:58
he forgot
Commented on 14.June 2011
pls change ur shirt. jeezus.
syed farooq...
Commented on 16.June 2011
thank you sir.................thanks
Commented on 17.June 2011
hi.. i m new i want to learn wpf and wcf with in 2 week ... is it possible
Commented on 22.June 2011
it exist in pdf format ? I want to learn WPF but the best time to learn for me is when I commute by train. This training course seems to be very interresting.
Commented on 7.July 2011
very nice,Can you give me an example??
soumya from...
Commented on 16.July 2011
hi,sir namaste,i want to know detail abt WPF,WCF and Silverlight
plz sir help me.thnx
Commented on 22.July 2011
Awesome Chris! Within an hour, I learnt all the fundas of WPF. Your diagrams are really very helpful in understanding the many abstract and vague concepts clearly.
Earlier I read some other articles and books but could not get a basic gripon WPF.
But after reading your whole article, I am really impressed and have a lot of confidence in working in WPF project. Expecting more articled from you.
Commented on 26.July 2011
Commented on 27.July 2011
hummmmm usefull 4 me & my frnds
Commented on 1.August 2011
very easy to understand and implement the WPF application.
Commented on 1.August 2011
very easy to understand and implement the WPF application.
Commented on 1.August 2011
Very Nice article.
Commented on 1.August 2011
hi bro.. thnx for the great work :)
and i'm waiting for the rest..

Great Job man !!
Zhang Zhi Ren
Commented on 3.August 2011
very cool... this article is useful.. thank you for sharing... hope to see next article soon.
Commented on 3.August 2011
Great job!!
Commented on 13.August 2011
Good article.. where is the rest ???????
Commented on 2.September 2011
Commented on 6.September 2011
it's really useful! but hopefully you can finish the remaining days we really appreciate your help! God bless you!
Ankita Johnson
Commented on 19.September 2011
its really good training.. i want to learn wcf also sir..

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