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How to evaluate a localization mechanism

Criterias for evaluation

To choose an appropriate localization mechanism you have to find one that meets the requirements and your companys established translation process.

Criterias to compare the localization mechanisms among each others:

  • Dynamic language switching
  • Usage in XAML and Code
  • Types of applicable resources
  • Ease and flexibility of use
  • Translation performance

Different WPF translation mechanisms compared

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Commented on 5.April 2010
I am learning WPF from this amazing Website, I started from the beginning and here I am, i would like to thank you Cristain , Thank you very much
Commented on 11.July 2011
Hi.. I'm very eager to know more about WPF, cause I'm thinking if I can use it in my thesis.. I hope I could Learn here more.. but thank you for this new Knowledge :)

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