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Data Binding

Data Binding Overview
Debug DataBinding Issues
Data Validation
Value Converters
Data Viewing, Sorting and Filtering
Popular Data Binding Expressions
How to Bind EnumValues
Elegant way for INotifyPropertyChanged

Last modified: 2008-10-18 01:07:42
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Commented on 28.September 2010
Hi. what about data binding whne you want a particular column in the grid to be able to accept drops from a treeview? I mean I want to drag a node from RadTreeView into a column of a RadGridView? Is that possible? If yes then what do I bind the column to? If not bind then which event handlers should I be using in the code behind to make the column accept the string data from the treenode? And if this is not possible then should I be using a DataGrid instead of a RadGridView?? Any reply/help/ would be appreciated.

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